TOP 10 TRENDS for 2020!

  • Jan 27, 2020

TOP 10 TRENDS for 2020!


I'm so excited to be back from Las Vegas! This year was more exciting than ever, and with so many new categories and products to share with you, it was once again very challenging to narrow it down to JUST the Top 10 Trends for 2020! As always, I'm here to help you find the newest, best, and most effective marketing strategies and products to help you build and grow your brand.

I should also mention that there are several trends I will review at the end that continue to grow and increase in momentum.  

SO…..  here we go, Drum Roll Please!! ( and not in any particular order)….. 


1. Good for Your Brand. Better for the Planet

Eco-friendly/ Cause Marketing: This year is ALL about being eco-friendly and sustainable, across EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY. Sustainable alternatives are becoming more widespread, affordable, and just as good, and in some instances,  better, than traditional products. By using more sustainable materials like bamboo, cotton, paper, hemp, and recycled water bottles, companies are cutting down on their environmental footprint. More than that, 2020 is the year companies are focusing on their social consciousness.  Many companies are offering "Buy one, give one," planting a tree for each purchase, or donating a percentage of their sales to eco-organizations dedicated to reducing our impact on the planet. Expect messaging on packaging that reflects the brand's social impact policy. You don't have to spend a lot to do a little bit of good. Choose products that make a difference- ones that are eco-friendly, support giving back, and reduce single-use. Good for your brand. Better for the Planet. Pay it forward and make a real impact!


2. Quite Fetching

Pet Products: It's no secret that people love their pets-- and now companies are offering new and exciting pet products and accessories for you to treat your furry friend to their own customizations. There are some great new products that make traveling with your pet easier- including a steel water bottle with a bowl that unscrews from the bottom of the bottle, for you to fill with water for your pet to drink. There's even a pet portion scoop clip to help simplify feeding your animal. Completely customizable leashes, collars, bandanas, bowls, toys, poop bag holders, -- you name it, it's out there, and we can get it for you.


3. Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger

Technology: It has always been fast-moving and all about innovation. This year they're taking products we know and love, and making them faster, smaller, lighter, more powerful.  Fast wireless charging safely transfers more power for faster charging times- all without a cable. Backup chargers the size of the palm of your hand can now charge computers! Expect more items with C Ports, since that's what the newest iPhone uses. And if you thought technology wouldn't be the place for eco-friendly items, think again- There are Bluetooth speakers and other items made from wheat straw! There are solar powered power banks, and waterproof backup chargers for computers. WIFI smart digital photo frames are a great way for people to enjoy their photos instantly, while seeing your brand or logo. There are tons of new accessories that slide on and off the back of the cell phone with ease, making wireless charging a breeze even with your Popsockets (and sockets like them). The newest versions have also been revamped and have options for a wallet that goes on the back of your phone as well joint venture of the OtterBox and Popsocket. Wireless earbuds are increasingly popular with fully customizable options, including cases bearing a close resemblance to Apple’s Air pods, (at a fraction of the cost). 


4. BYOB- Bring Your Own Bottle [Everywhere!]

Drinkware: Water bottles have become a status symbol- make sure yours has the right look. If you thought nothing new could be done with a bottle, just wait until you see what we found! Flat water bottles have been designed to fit in your bag, foldable water bottles, (a popular item several years ago) redesigned now, as well as silicone collapsible bottles, shot glass-sized tumblers with lids, bottles that have LED lights in them, insulated bottles and cups… tumblers with Bluetooth speakers continue to be strong, and even insulated can coolers to keep your drink cold and a modern twist on an ice cream cooler. Reusable straws are still a big category, and they're more widely available now.


5. It's Easy to Think Happy Thoughts When Surrounded by Beautiful.....

Color:  There are really two distinct color palettes this year! Vibrant Color: Many more suppliers are now offering Full Color Digital Printing on any type of product you can think of. You can even create your own custom printing on shoes, luggage covers, plush beach towels, blankets, and more! Beautiful Retro-Looking Pastels are also very strong this year, and this time they're more saturated: from mugs, utensils, lunch boxes, earbud cases, scrunchies, and water bottles to apparel and shoes. Not only did they show up in products, but it was quite evident in many beautiful trade show booths.


6. Style Meets Sustainability

Apparel: While last year there were only a few brands offering eco-conscious, recycled materials and sustainable clothing, this year, more companies joined in, and they're able to make them stylish and comfortable without sacrificing any quality. Little details make a big difference- they're updating classic styles with modern colors, better quality fabrics and better fits. An emergence of sun protection fabrics allow you to keep doing what you love outdoors, with less worry. If you are a Fashionista, you are in luck as there are some great Fast Fashion Styles that will put your brand in “runway” style. Pay close attention to the soft quality of better T-shirting styles and all the new and unique decoration techniques.


7. Health and Safety First

Health and Personal Safety: Everyone is worried about their health, and just because you are at work doesn't mean your personal safety should be put on hold. Blue light glasses that protect your eyes from the computer screen are now available, along with sunglasses. New innovations in camera covers allow them to be thinner than ever, so you can use them on any tech device and still close the computer or tablet. Data Blockers protect you from unwanted file transfers, and Mic Blockers plug into your audio port, blocking any eavesdroppers. Protect yourself from identity theft and fraud with RFID blocking passport covers and wallets. Air Feet shoe inserts with a dynamic active gel helps keep your feet comfortable when you're on the move and are customizable. Stay on top of skin health by using a sticker that can tell you when to reapply sunscreen.


8. The Best Form of Outdoor Advertising 

Bags, Backpacks, Totes, Duffels and Coolers: Let's face it- in this on-the-go-world, having a bag that works for you is essential. Finding a bag that reflects your style and fits all your needs is now easier than ever. With so many great new options (sizes, styles, shapes, materials, colors, decorations), the hardest part will be picking which ones to use! Lots of bags and backpacks come with organizational pockets, pouches, and zippered sections for easy organization on-the-go. This year, we saw some great innovations in fabrics and washable paper is being used in many categories!! Oh, and in case you were wondering...fanny packs are still popular and look great printed in full color.

Packing a healthy lunch is a great way to help yourself stay on track with your health goals and budget. Luckily, we've found some beautiful, stylish lunch totes and coolers that you'll be happy to carry around! For extra eco-friendly points, use bamboo or glass bento boxes, utensils, water bottles, and reusable silicone bags. You'll feel less like you're eating in a cafeteria, and more like you're eating in a cafe, and the environment will thank you.

Coolers are cooler than ever-- literally- some soft-shell coolers can keep cans cold for 42 hours.


9. When the Message Matters

Journals: Journals and writing instruments are two of the largest categories in branded products, and this year, we saw an explosion in various shapes, sizes, and materials. There are journals that come with a pen pouch attached; with a cell phone pocket on the front; with a magnetic closing and business card pocket; with removable pages you can move to another journal via a magnetic spine; with a wireless charging station; and full color digital print available. There are so many different ways to customize these journals, too-- different closures, different paper styles, different materials, along with embossing, engraving, and screen-printing. Technology-driven eco-friendly writing tablets introduced last year are increasing in popularity and have become more affordable- and includes a specialized pen and screen cleaner.  A great way to be on trend and save paper!


10. Now Why Didn't I Think of That?

New Product Ideas: 

Innovation is the name of the game in any industry, and at the trade show we saw some really interesting and unique products. The Hip Huggy allows you to clip your sip to your hip and carry your drink hands-free; a full-color digital all-over printed luggage cover helps your bag stand out wherever you are; 100% cotton turkish fringed towels popped up everywhere with either a screen print or embroidery; a lapel pin that spins is certain to draw attention; you can get your own bitmoji printed on almost anything.  I also cannot believe how much emphasis there was on everything cannabis related! I can go on and on!!


Trends That Keep on Tickin’!

Socks and more socks continue to be extremely important.  Colorful, fun, and comfortable– Companies are now offering lower minimums making it easier than ever to order custom socks! 

Custom packaging is increasing in importance - more so now than ever before! Stylish packaging makes an impact before your gift is even opened. In addition to the boxes, you will find custom tissue paper, ribbons, stickers, and everything else you need to help your brand stand proudly next to all the ever-popular retail brands.

Onboarding Kits and Welcome Kits: Attract, Recruit, and Retain your employees! As more and more companies see the benefit of outfitting new employees with branded, useful items, Onboarding Kits continue to attract and connect new employees to their employers and company brand. With more options, customizations, and price points available, you can promote company culture while giving your new employees a warm welcome with products they'll want to use, wear, and boast on social media.

Each of these Top 10 Marketing Trends contain a good assortment of products, but these items are just a small sampling of all the products available! Keep this referring to this ezine because we will be adding new products weekly to the showrooms-- all you have to do is refresh your page and…. Voila, they will be at your fingertips!

Visit to get a more in-depth look at all of the additional products and categories we offer. If you've got an idea for a product, and don't see it on our website, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email: -- 214-520-8577.