The Art of Communication

  • Oct 29, 2019

The Art of Communication

The art of communication is a vital skill when running a thriving business. While you may be an excellent business owner, you may not necessarily excel at communications. It's an art that needs to be mastered. Here are some tried and true tips to help you hone your communication skills.

Real communication begins with speaking the same language as your audience. Bringing an authentic message that your clients will want to listen to is key. In this market you must learn the language your target audience and clients prefer - and the method of delivery, is it text, social, email, or phone? 

Master your Marketing Message. Great communication is multi-dimensional - it is part verbiage, part visual, part tactile and part emotion - all together they create an environment ready to develop lasting relationships. 
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Always respond promptly. If you're selling things, you want to be the first one to answer. Very often, a sale will go to the person who responds first. Even if you can't give all the information right away, you should still respond. Get into the habit of replying to inquiries and especially to clients immediately, even if it is just a simple "I'll get back to you with more information later on." Being prompt when replying showcases how professional you are and gives your client an early indication of what it would be like to work with you. If you take days to reply, you won't be selling yourself very well.

Don't be a robot. It might be tempting to use an automatic message to reply, but people do not respond well to that. People like to make human connections, and a robot answering to them will not suffice. Give it a personal touch, be conversational and show your personality too. People buy from other people, not a scripted sales machine.

Get curious. As a business owner, you must be genuinely interested in everything around you. This includes your prospects, clients and their businesses. Ask them questions, learn about them and find out their story. Not only will this help you understand your client, but it'll also provide you with a network of people. Treat every interaction like any other conversation. Have a chat with them, ask questions and try to learn something in the process. This will help you build a meaningful connection, but also highlight how exactly you can help them.

Find the right promotional products to push out your message. Communicating your brand message via promotional products is an art that pays dividends! You will open the door for more conversations and conversions when you connect your marketing message to a product that is relevant to your industry and your client/prospects needs. Shop wisely and choose products that can be enhanced with your brand message and used in your strategic marketing. 

Remember that your prospects and clients are just people who need your help. They want to be understood on a human level. Use the tips above to make sure you're communicating well with them and that your brand message is making an impression!

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