Stress Never Felt This Good!

  • May 15, 2020

We must find ways to alleviate the stress we feel daily, especially during this health crisis. Being on a beach and listening to the ocean and the waves is one of my favorite places to meditate and just be. Well, that’s not happening any time soon. Exercising-yes, meditating-yes, journaling-yes, deep breaths-yes, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy, ( I do my best), I am sure you have favorites, please share.




Some of these stress reduction techniques, I really cannot do during the day when I am working on my computer, “Zooming,” researching, emailing, on phone calls…….


Many people like to find something to hold and play with when sitting at their desks. Many people can be easily distracted. Having something in hand can help with concentration.


We all need some sort of healthy diversion during our daily work routines. I believe I found mine--I found this item at our annual industry trade show in January, and I just received my sample this week. Perhaps you are thinking, “wow, that is a long time to wait for a sample,” but here is why…. From the time I came back from my trip in the middle of January, through mid-February, all the factories overseas were closed due to Chinese New Year. They had not reopened yet when China shut everything down due to COVID-19. Whatever factories could reopen, pivoted their businesses, and started making and supplying PPE supplies. Understanding the WHY doesn’t make it all better, but it was worth the wait—




Introducing our new Stress Bustera plush and gel sensory experience created to soothe, relax, and entertain.  It has an irresistibly super-soft plush cover on the outside, a squishy gel-bead ball on the inside, and a perfect size for squeezing.  It retracts to its original form when released. There are ten different animals and shapes ( even a football). Since I received my sample, I have been playing with it most of the time (except when I am not typing).  A bonus is that both hands get the benefit at the same time.  One hand is holding the plush cover and squeezing it, and the other hand has the sensation of the gel and beads coming out of ( My Frog’s) mouth. What a great stress toy!!! 




Just Squeeze! Our loveable, plush stress busters are guaranteed to make you smile.  Keep them close at hand for those crazy days!


Here are just some of the benefits of a Stress Toy (Ball)


• Boost blood circulation and help with the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis

• A tool for meditation, concentration and relieve unnecessary tension

• A daily form of diversion in your routine to detox and refresh

• Help prevent and repair common injuries, which can come out of everyday activities like writing and playing, which require you to use your hands a lot.

Used regularly, helps to alleviate stress levels


Helping to manage daily tensions effectively helps the heart stay healthy,  aids with improved sleep, and has a positive effect on our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.


For more details and to see the other nine plush possibilities, email me or give me a call at 214-520-8577.