Show Your Appreciation - Give Gifts to Be Remembered this Season

  • Dec 13, 2018

It's not too late to show your appreciation to your employees, business associates, vendors and clients - give gifts that show your gratitude!


This is the time of year when we stop to take notice of the people who serve us and who keep our business thriving - it's the time of giving! 


It is not too late to place your order for branded products for a happy New Year's gift! Whether you choose to give now or later, this is a marketing strategy that will pay you back in many ways all throughout the year.


Also, consider that with more millennials in the workforce, it might be time to change it up! Show your millennial workforce that you really do understand that they have different likes and needs from Baby Boomers or Traditionalists and offer them fresh designs, fabrics, and state of the art technology. Why not update your branded apparel you have been ordering with items that are more desirable and wearable for this savvy Millennial generation that understands retail trends, what they like and what they will wear. (We will discuss this further in upcoming ezines.) This one strategy will not only win over your employees and colleagues but will also present a new and updated look for your brand. From the latest in branded apparel and new trends in decoration to useful smart technology gadgets, The Donna Bender Company has an extensive selection of products you can choose from.


Key take away: It is not too late to order your gifts for the holidays. In addition, we are also delivering after the New Year as well. Why not make a memorable start to 2019? 


Now is a GREAT time to Stock up and plan ahead for 2019.


Contact The Donna Bender Company today to get your orders in for the season. And if you are running short on ideas, Donna and her team can help put together just the right package that will impress and brand your business and build trust with your employees, business associates and clients.