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Hello, I’m Donna Bender and I am the Leader of a Circle of GIVE-ologists™, who approach business differently.

We have proven that you can build a Meaningful, Fun, and Profitable business by GIVING, with NO STRINGS attached.

Want to learn more?

Well, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to connect with me, and we can discuss how YOU can use Give-ology to increase your business and create long-lasting relationships.

Chief GIVE-ologist™ • Branded Marketing Expert • Giving Strategist • Creator and host of the online video series, What’s Your Expertise? • Speaker • Creative Consultant

I have spent my entire career building BRANDS by creating long lasting business relationships! I am PASSIONATE about sharing with you a proven FORMULA to retain your clients, multiply referrals, and increase your sales by GIVING!

In marketing, the greatest and most rewarding challenge is finding the best way to get your brand and your message to stick. The world of marketing is constantly changing. At The Donna Bender Company, we’re doing exactly what we recommend to our clients – rapidly evolving and adapting to bring you the latest, most effective ideas and resources to keep you ahead of the curve.

Great marketing starts with three classic principles - reach, recall and react.

Reach: Get your message in front of your target audience. It’s a numbers game - the more times a message is delivered to the masses, the greater the chance your consumers will see it.

Recall: Build an emotional connection between you and your customers or clients. You’ll be top of mind and first choice when they’re ready to do business.

React: Craft your message to provoke the reaction in consumers that you want. When they take action, your message turns immediately into profits.

As your marketing partner, we will help you create or recreate your corporate image and marketing strategies using the latest ideas and innovations in branding and media.

We’ll make you memorable, help you reach your target audience cost-effectively, and assure that you get the ROI you want for your marketing and advertising efforts.

The Donna Bender Company is a branded marketing and promotional strategy consulting firm, and we’re so much more than that. As one client put it, we have an “energy and can-do attitude” that makes us unique.

When your target customers or clients need anything, we want them to choose you. When you need exciting, creative marketing services, we want you to choose us.

Give us a call today! (214) 520-8577

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